Company Registration

Company Registration

Setup New Business in Hong Kong is much easier with us.

Just a Few Signatures from you, and a Company Name of your choose.

We will take care for the rest.

Why set up Hong Kong Company?

  • Gaining international credit by making use of Hong Kong’s reputation
  • No limitation on business scope and simple follow-up service
  • With the absence of foreign exchange controls, funds can be circulated freely; foreign currencies can be exchanged and transferred as needed
  • A well-established legal system


  • 利用香港的聲譽,較易獲取國際信用
  • 業務範圍不受限制,後續服務簡單
  • 無外匯管制,資金可以自由流通,各種外幣可隨時兌換轉移
  • 擁有健全的法律制度

Please contact us for further information (requirement, quotation) if you are interested in setup company in HK /our taxation services.